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Columbia's Festival

The 3 Rivers Music Festival is truly a community festival, run by community volunteers and presented by a non-profit foundation ?unlike other cities' music festivals run by professional promoters for profit.

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The 3 Rivers Music Festival is a non-profit organization. It is funded, in part, with allocations from the City of Columbia's hospitality, liquor or accommodations tax allocations. 70% of the Festival's funding comes from private sources.

All proceeds from one year's festival are invested back into the next year's Festival, with some saved for a rainy day fund, so that the event's longevity is not compromised due to bad weather at future Festivals.

The Festival offers a diverse mix of music for devotees of particular music styles or for those who want to try something different?of all ages, from Columbia and beyond.

Purpose and Mission

The goal of the 3 Rivers Music Festival is to be a unifying force and to create an atmosphere that fosters mutual respect and harmony among the diverse people of the region through music and culture; and to create an identity for Columbia that helps to market the region around the world.

Name Origin

The Festival's name comes from the three rivers in the Columbia area: the Saluda, the Broad and the Congaree.


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